Best Stock For Investment In India [2020]

Ever thought of investing in some good and attractive stock? Well to be honest Stock Investment in India is not as much popular than making Cringe videos on Tik-Tok. People wastes their time and money in watching movies, playing stupid mobile games and what not! People don’t know this yet that their small investment as much as of Rs 5000 in a company can make good profits and actually create jobs in our country. In my opinion this is Best Stock For Investment In India

In this blog I am going to talk about an interesting company which you use in day to day life basis and you can make a huge profits not only by buying that stock but also using their product. I am talking about Varun Beverages stock..

Stock Investment In Pepsi

Ever head about Pepsi? Yeah now you maybe familiar with this word since we all like Pepsi as our favourite cold drink. Did you know you can actually invest in it on our Stock Exchanges. Now you may ask how come this possible? Pepsi is an american company right!

Well here comes the twist! Pepsi has given rights or Varun Beverages has purchased the rights to make products on behalf of Pepsi and give some Royalty to it. Cool right!

I have seen many question on internet like best shares to buy or best stocks to buy. Why is it so difficult for you when all the answers are already present in front of you.

How to know what stocks to invest in

Look around you ! Open your eyes ! Whatever you consume , use or like the products just search it. If the company is listed on NSE or BSE. If you find the company listed on them try to find if they are good in business or not. Like you can read their Fundamentals or just go through my blog on how to do so and get a advise from your Financial Advisor whether you should invest or not.

Varun Beverages ltd

Now why I am considering Varun Beverages as best stock to buy is because of Varun Beverages subsidiaries – its product portfolio.

Best Stock For Investment In India - Varun Beverages
Best Stock For Investment In India – Varun Beverages

Most of the products are very well known and are used by you in day to day life basis. Now you may ask how to earn in stock market? Like how it can be profitable share? Let me tell you how.

Best Stock For Investment In India? Why?

  • You have suppose 100 shares of the Varun Beverage.
  • You are travelling somewhere and you need mineral water to drink.
  • Instead of buying bisleri bottles – buy aquafina.
  • Water is going to taste same only right? There is no taste in water
  • Both are good brands – I didn’t took Pepsi example because some of you guys may disagree to drink because of taste issue. Some may prefer Coco- Cola.
  • Now if you buy aquafina water bottle you contributing to the Sales revenue of the company.
  • By this Company will make a small profit which will be reflected in the quarterely results.
  • If the company produces good quarter results automatically people will start the those shares.
  • Why? because people will think company is doing a very good business.
  • What if? All the share holders of the company starts to buy Varun beverages product instead of other companies product.
  • Just imagine !

Aap Chronology Samjhiye

This is how change in a habit to buy things will actually make you rich. As the share price increases so will your invested money.

Fundamentals of a companyVarun Beverage

Lets talk about the fundamentals of the company.

Best Stock For Investment In India - Fundamentals
Best Stock For Investment In India – Fundamentals
  • The company has shown a good profit growth of 117.13% for the Past 3 years.
  • The company has shown a good revenue growth of 22.68% for the Past 3 years.
  • Company has an efficient Cash Conversion Cycle of 19.93 days.
  • The company has a good cash flow management; CFO/PAT stands at 2.78.
  • The company has a high promoter holding of 68.04%.
  • The company is trading at a high PE of 43.58.

So this is just an Opinion or what I feel can be the Best Stock For Investment In India[2020]. There are many good shares to buy on NSE & BSE. Let me know in the comment section if you know a company like Varun Beverage who has rights to produce products like Pepsi.

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