About Me

Hi There ! Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’re full of an entrepreneurial spirit, a positive mindset, and damn good ideas.

But, if there was one word to describe your current job, it would be: Boring.

But maybe you…

  • Don’t know how to get the “Financial Freedom ” From your bosses
  • How to get more returns rather than placing your money in FD account
  • Not able to achieve your financial goals

Don’t worry! You’ll feel right at home here.”

I will be telling you how you can invest smartly in equity market and can get better returns rather placing your money in Fixed Deposit , or some shit traditional banking system. You as reader will know what actually is VALUE INVESTING and what are some future instruments you can look upto for successfull investments.

I started my journey back in September 2019 with my first allotment of 40 IRCTC shares and since then i have not looked back and have successfully grown into smart investor. I started this blog to educate people about our indian stock market and remove myths about it, How Financial Intelligence is very important in an individual’s life. As always said

“The Rich Invest Time & Money

The Poor Waste Time & Money”

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